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Biological Therapies Methylcobalamin

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2mL of this formulation contains:
Co-methylcobalamin 10mg
Sodium chloride 18mg
Water for injections to 2mL


The solution is a crimson red colour and is totally clear. If the solution is cloudy or contains visually detectable particles, please contact the Quality Control Officer at Biological Therapies. Each vial contains a minimum of 2mL of solution.


4 pack sizes:
6 x 2mL vials
3 x 2mL vials
5 x 2mL vials
1 x 2mL vial


Store below -5°C (Freeze). Protect from light. Methycobalamin 10mg in 2mL Injection is sensitive to light even when in an amber vial. Seal box immediately after removal of each vial and store in freezer.

Expiry Date is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


The solution should be administered as soon as possible after removal from the box. 2mL by slow intramuscular (deep intragluteal) injection. Frequency as determined by the physician. This product is for SINGLE USE ONLY.

USE ONCE ONLY and discard any residue.


  1. Should Anaphylactic Shock occur, immediately stop administration of the product and administer the appropriate dose of adrenalin 1:1000 (1mg/1mL) intramuscularly. This may be repeated at 5 minute intervals, if clinically indicated. Additionally, intravenous administration of corticosteroids and antihistamines may be considered.
  2. Hypersensitivity to the B vitamins may be checked by intradermal injection. Patients with a documented allergic disposition to the B vitamins should receive an intradermal test dose of Methylcobalamin 10mg in 2mL Injection prior to administration of the vitamin.


Cobalamin deficiency may exist that is unable to be corrected by oral intake and in these cases parenteral administration may be preferable. Oral administration of vitamin B12 may be insufficient in pernicious anaemia, malabsorption disorders, gastrectomy and gastrointestinal pathologies.

Specific indications may include:

  1. Pernicious anaemia as a result of in situ B12 deficiency. In pernicious anaemia co-methycobalamin is disproportionately reduced in relation to other cobalamins.
  2. As an adjunct to the treatment of peripheral neuropathies and diabetic polyneuropathy.


It is not known that most of the cobalains in humans occur as the two coenzyme forms, adenosylcobalamin and co-methylcobalamin. Co-methylcobalamin constitutes 60-80% of the total plasma cobalamin. In pernicious anaemia, co-methylcobalamin is disproportionately reduced in relation to other cobalamins.


History of allergy to cobalamins (vitamin B12 and related compounds). Cobalamins should not, if possible, be given to patients without first confirming the diagnosis, and should not be used to treat megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy.


Allergy hypersensitivity reactions have occurred rarely following the administration of cobalamins. Indiscriminate use of cobalamins may mask the precise diagnosis of folate deficiency.

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